Blackwatch provides professional services and technology solutions to federal and commercial customers worldwide. We develop solutions and provide services that are tailored to meet our customer’s challenges.  Capabilities include:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning
  2. Algorithm development and testing
  3. Enterprise Architecture
  4. System and Network Engineering
  5. Program and Project Management
  6. Financial Management Systems
  7. Sensor testing, integration, and fusion
  8. Database Administration (DBA)
  9. Software development / engineering
  10. SharePoint administration and development
  11. CONUS/OCONUS Linguist Services
  12. Functional and Administrative Support
  13. Systems Integration
  14. Quality Assurance
  15. Systems design and documentation

Research & Development

Blackwatch also conducts research and development including prototype design and testing in a number of critical areas including:

  1. Improvised Explosive Device (IED) detection and data fusion in simulated lab environments
  2. Situational Awareness – utilizing various methods and sources of information (MULTI-INT) to increase SA in AOR – Data Fusion 
  3. Detection of specific items in enclosed spaces such as currency or chemical detection, utilizing hand held or stationary technologies.
  4. Identified a small subset of hand grenades from poor or complex environments by x-ray imagery.
  5. Algorithm development for sensor data fusion and other critical applications.
  6. High performance GPU solutions

Telecom MRO

Blackwatch has extensive telecommunications MRO experience including:

  1. Designs, surveys, and diagramming
  2. Cabling and wiring
    Integrations and installations
  3. Equipment replacements and upgrades
  4. Switch installations
  5. LMR and PSA integrations
  6. Intercom and other radio integrations
  7. Full duplex recording of radio traffic
  8. Hardware assembly and testing
  9. Equipment disposition and disposals
  10. Relocation of technical control facilities